What Do We Do Different?

DUCT WORX offers the latest in duct repair and restoration. 

In times past, aging duct systems required expensive and invasive replacements, often total remodels and renovations to fix simple problems such as rusting or water damage. Our solutions can save you by keeping your current system and completely solving all problems by cleaning and coating it to make it like new.

DUCT WORX For Your Home

Aging ducts can cause a wide variety of problems for your home including loss of efficiency, indoor air quality issues, and reduction of air flow. We offer complete cleaning services as well as restoration to bring new life to your home’s heating and cooling systems. Our top tier experts and customer service are Air-Care Certified ®.

No-Demolition In-Slab Repairs

If your duct systems are in slab, our products can help you solve your ductwork problems without invasive demolition or replacement of rusty and faulty ducts. We can vacuum and remove the dirt and coat with our mold inhibitor our duct restoration process. Additionally, if your home suffers from smoke odors, our products encapsulate and eliminate unwanted smells.

Inexpensive Options to Fix Dangerous Duct Systems

Many homes suffer from aging systems that used materials that are now known to be harmful such as asbestos and fiberglass. Traditionally, these types of ducts needed to be replaced entirely, often costing thousands of dollars! Our simple and effective solution completely encases both asbestos and fiberglass, rendering them inert and saving you the need to replace your homes ventilation systems.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The buildup of dryer lint in your drying machine is the greatest fire hazard you will have in your home! In fact, most firefighters will say that this is the most common cause for home fires. While shorts and high loads on the electrical components of dryers cause some fires, the underlying cause is a buildup of highly flammable lint in the dryer, especially in the vent and lint trap. We can clean and maintain your dryer ventilation for the the best fire protection possible.

DUCT WORX For Your Business

Commercial ducts can be extremely expensive to replace when they begin to break down either through normal wear and tear or damage. Our unique solutions offer an inexpensive way to bring your HVAC new life and save you thousands of dollars.

Capture of Dangerous Materials
Many old systems utilized harmful materials such as asbestos and fiberglass which, if needing to be replaced, can be exceedingly difficult and costly. Our solution can prevent the need for a total replacement by covering and rendering totally inert the deadly materials. Our coating completely prevents them from disbursing into the indoor air.

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