Sewer Video Inspection

Inspect your sewer lines and identify problems

Without excavation, sewer line problems are impossible to see and can cause huge expense if not caught early. Scoping offers a fast and inexpensive way to find any issues, both in your septic system and the connection to city infrastructure. We use HD cameras that give a live feed to both you and our technician, and provide the video to you for documentation.

Sewer line video inspection can identify:

      • Blockages of dirt, debris, or other materials causing your system problems
      • Breakages and damage from tree root intrusion
      • Wear and tear that may lead to future issues
      • Bituminized fiber piping (also known as Orangeburg pipe and fiber conduit)  
      • Drainage problems

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If we identify problems, we’re able to get the right professionals in to do the job without you needing to shop around.

The Best Equipment

We use dedicated sewer cams with the highest tech and definition. Many companies use cheap video cameras for both sewers and HVAC. 

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Our professionalism, knowledge, and customer service is reflected by our stellar reviews on Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List. 

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As a certified Amazon Home Services and Home Advisor Screened & Approved Elite Service provider, all of our technicians are background checked, and our licensing and insurance verified so you can rest easy knowing the job will be done right.


Why do I Need a Sewer Line Video Inspection?

Since problems in your sewer line only become apparent when a problem arises, an inspection can identify issues long before they make themselves known by manifesting in costly and time consuming symptoms such as backups. If there is an apparent problem, the fastest way to identify it without digging up the whole line is to find it on video. Since sewer issues can cost anywhere from the hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, identifying problems before they arise or narrowing down the exact problem can save a lot of time and money. This is especially relevant if you’re considering purchasing a home, since being aware of any needed repairs or possible future issues can save you from purchasing problems!

What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

Generally, blockages are the most common problem. This can be due to foreign objects getting stuck in the lines. Another very common problem is tree roots growing into the line. Since roots are searching for water, they often grow next to and eventually through sewer lines. This is especially common in dry New Mexico! Other common issues are normal degradation of pipes as well as breakages and shifting through the settling of the soil. Finally, older systems built with clay and transite (an asbestos material), commonly referred to as Orangeburg are a constant source of problems and often need replacement.

How Long Does a Sewer Video Inspection Take?

Inspecting your lines, for the average home, takes about an hour. This includes time to set up the equipment, inspect the lines, and review the findings. Of course, longer or more complex systems can take longer.

What Should I do When Problems are Found in my Sewer Lines?

As a licensed NM general contractor, we can contract the best professional to fix whatever problems we find. However, you can use our findings in whatever way suits you and provide the documentation to whomever you please.