High Dusting in NM

in NM

Clean difficult-to-reach spots without any hassle, furniture moving or heavy equipment

High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spaces, removing dust, bacteria and built-up dirt. Also known as detailed cleaning, high dusting is recommended to be carried out at regular intervals, especially in work places occupied by people on a daily basis. As many of the areas attended can be high up or difficult to access, safety is a top priority. All workers are provided with PPE and equipment is used to reach out-of-reach areas. Throughout the cleaning process, furniture and decorative items will remain untouched. Using our specially designed equipment, we are able to clean almost anywhere while ensuring everyone’s safety. Importantly, during the cleaning process a HEPA filter vacuum is used to prevent fine particles of dust from being spread around the space. High dusting guarantees precision, safety and a comprehensive, clean.

Duct restoration can:


  • Difficult-to-reach and out-of-sight spaces are the focus
  • High dusting does not require the use of heavy equipment
  • HEPA Air Purification technologies are used throughout the process
  • No movement of furniture is required
  • Thanks to the techniques used, dust is sucked up and not spread

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How much does high dusting cost?

High dusting ranges from $1.80-5.00 per square foot.

How does high dusting work?

High dusting uses a combination of vacuums and extension tools to clean out-of-reach spots without the need for heavy equipment or moving furniture.

Is high dusting Important?

High dusting is as important as regular cleaning, only it gets neglected. High dusting can reduce long term costs by reducing the need for replacing furnishings, furniture or building materials.

What architectural styles require high dusting?

All kinds of architectural styles can benefit from high dusting, including stores, offices, warehouses, service buildings, restaurants, and places of public gathering such as cinemas, malls, gyms and schools. Medical facilities and hospitals especially require regular high dusting or detailed cleaning to maintain standards of safety.