Air Duct Video Inspection

Identify problems in your ductwork in real time

If you suspect you have blockages, infestations of insects or rodents, or other problems with your ducts, scoping is the lowest cost, fastest and most accurate way to identify them. Using high definition cameras, our professionals can examine your entire duct system and find and isolate issues at much lower cost than opening up ductwork. Monitoring in real time, our technicians will go through your ducts with you and provide a video of the inspection for documentation.

Air video inspection will:

      • Identify rodent or insect infestation and isolate their location
      • Find causes of odors or irritants emanating from your HVAC
      • Identify problems such as blockages, water damage, breaks, or leaks
      • Catch problems such as decay before they worsen to avoid costly future repairs
      • Prepare your ducts for cleaning or restoration

Why choose us for duct cleaning?

NM’s Only NADCA Certified and LIcensed Contractors

We adhere to the highest professional standards as NADCA members and are licensed general contractors. For non-general contractors, a separate inspection and quote is required if, for example, any furnaces or evaporative coolers require alterations or metal fabrication. With us, we can handle everything and give you an accurate quote for all labor required.

Price Guarantee

Because we are able to identify all problems in your ductwork, we can, with 100% confidence, guarantee any quotes for repairs and labor required.

The Best Rated Duct Video Inspection in NM

Our professionalism, knowledge, and customer service are reflected by our stellar reviews on Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List.

Certified as NM’s Top Professionals

As a certified Amazon Home Services and Home Advisor Screened & Approved Elite Service provider, all of our technicians are background checked, and our licensing and insurance verified so you can rest easy knowing the job will be done right.


How Does Duct Inspection Work?

Duct cameras are a specialized camera that operates on the end of a snake. The HD camera is surrounded by LED lights that can examine every area of your ducts, giving you a crystal clear picture of areas in your ductwork that in years past were extremely expensive or difficult to identify problems. This all happens in real time on a video monitor, and is recorded so you have documentation of the findings.

How Do I Know If I Need a HVAC Video Inspection?

If you experience a reduction in the ability of your HVAC to deliver heated or cooled air throughout your house, chances are something is wrong inside. Furthermore, if you’re noticing increased insects, rodent droppings, or other signs of infestation, they could be inside your ducts. Strange or unpleasant odors are also a sign that you should check your ductworks for damage, moisture buildups, and mold. Finally, drops in air quality and or worsening of allergies and respiratory conditions could indicate problems in your ducts. Scoping your ducts can quickly identify and diagnose a solution for all of these issues.

Should I Have the Ducts Inspected on a Home I’m Buying?

If you are not sure about the state of the ducts in a home you’re considering purchasing, you should absolutely request a duct scope in the inspection. It could easily save you thousands of dollars if you find that there are issues with mold, collapse, decay, water damage, or more in advance of closing. Video inspection is such an inexpensive and fast process that there’s really no good reason not to get the ductwork checked before you sign up to inherit any problems that may exist!

Is NM State Licensure or NADCA membership required for Duct Scoping?

There’s no requirement by the state of New Mexico that a business hold a license, nor an obligation to belong to a professional organization in order to scope your ducts. But when it comes down to it, any problems that an unlicensed business identifies they are legally unable to fix. Furthermore, they are without the required training and ongoing education to ensure your problems are solved. Without state licensure and NADCA membership there’s no guarantee they are properly insured, potentially leaving you on the hook for costly fixes to poor work.