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DUCT WORX was founded on the principal of an affordable way to achieving the highest possible indoor air quality for your home or business. We provide total cleaning, repair, and maintenance for all systems and configurations at the most affordable prices.

Complete Duct Services for Your Home

Mold, rust, and dangerous materials can seriously affect the health of you and your family. Our services are designed to be efficient and cost effective ways to prevent expensive replacements, bringing your home the absolute best air quality possible.

Commercial Solutions and Repairs

With HVAC systems being one of the largest mechanical parts of a commercial building, they can be enormously expensive to fix using traditional means. Our innovative services can save you money, both in repairs and in labor lost to lengthy replacements.


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We fix Duct Problems relating to


Dust and dirt in your air ducts can seriously affect the breathability of indoor air. Our services can completely clean and restore your ducts, making them debris free!


Over time, buildup of foreign materials in your ducts can cause serious problems for people with sensitivities to certain materials. Our solutions can remove allergens from your ventialation system.

Mold and fungi

Not only do mold and fungi harm the efficiency of your system, they can pose serious health threats if left unsolved. Our process completely solves dangerous mold growths in your ducts!


A common problem in older buidlings, absestos can render a building completely useless if not taken care of properly. Our coating systems encapsulate and render inert this dangerous material.


Used in older ducts as a lining, fiberglass is an incredibly dangerous material which can affect air quality as it degrades. Our lining can trap and render inert aging fiberglass.


Leaky and uncoated ducts can let air escape, costing you a ton of money. Our coatings can increase your energy retention by 15-30%.


Water in ducts can be expensive and dangerous. We can assess your needs and perform any cleaning, restoration, or preventative measures to completely solve liquid damage.

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Contact us if you have an issue not listed here, chances are we have a solution that’s right for you!

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